Our History

Multifab Packaging started in the early 1980’s as a packaging company run by one person with a single cab pickup truck.

In the Pacific Northwest, sawmills and lumber processing plants were very prevalent at that time. Multifab Packaging began distributing steel strapping to the timber industry and as our business grew, so did our product line. We quickly expanded to sell industrial supplies. As the timber industry declined over the next two decades, we began to diversify our offerings to appeal to new industries and became known as a wholesale container, janitorial and safety product supplier. Serving the timber industry is still an important aspect of Multifab Packaging's business and is enhanced by our partnerships with the aerospace, technology, and food and beverage industries.

We now have four facilities, which are located throughout the Pacific Northwest. We also serve businesses and industries across the U.S.

Multifab Packaging has come a long way since its start with one person and a pickup. We are proud to serve the industries of the Pacific Northwest and beyond with expert service, high-quality packaging machinery, and supplies.